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PostSubject: COMBO & MADNESSES GUIDE TO LEVELING   Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:29 am

Hello everyone. Welcome to the first guide for Rainbow ORPG, This Guide is focusing on leveling cause I have a bunch of people usually following me saying they don’t know where to train. Thanks to those people and with the help of COMBO we will help with getting from 1 to 90 in 1 – 2 games depending on the length. So lets start.

Ok first of we have all 12 heroes at the start of the game. I think I might go Leto for this Tutorial. I am playing with COMBO and plantaris this game. As soon as you choose your hero you will end up starting in a little place called Starter Island. In my own opinion I either just skip it or do the quest there and you will probably end up to lvl 2-3 but It really doesn’t matter.

After you leave the starter island start doing the waves till level 10. There are 2 good reason for this.
1. You get a lot of money from the wave and its creeps
2. it helps having healers around

Both are really good reasons why to start waves as fast and easy as possible. It becomes a money maker aswell which is fantastic exp zone. As you can see here COMBO is play druid and plantaris is Shadow Fiend. When trying to level make sure you have a team together it really helps a lot. And if you noticed were up to Demonic Wave 6 and I already have 12800 enough to buy my level 10 armor. But atm im only level 6 so 4 more levels to go Very Happy

Ok im now level 10 and have enough gold to by level 10 armor with plenty of gold to spare (thanks to the waves) go for the first row since the other 2 sets cost wood which we don’t have… YET! You can get the other 2 armor sets anyway by just upgrading via Sylvanas or Muradin for 5000 gold each. And that’s what I plan to do later.

Alright now where ready to go for level training. You should stay in silverpine forest till level 20. If you do it properly you will easily reach lvl 20 in only a few minutes. But I suggest staying away from the wildkins cause their poison is crazy. What you should do is a Raiza run and when you get to the Tree Boss let him summon as much of his Ancient Trees as possible because these give great exp. If you just farm off them you will be level 20 in no time. If you stay even longer you might be able to reach 35 – 40 by just farming off those. But you can only do that if he summons more than 12. Main point im trying to say here is 10 – 20 Silverpine Forest.

Alright im now level 20 and as you can see I have my upgraded armor. I only suggest upgrading if you have the gold. It actually took me a little while to get to level 20 cause Leto is freaking difficult imo since he looses hp when you use a skill. but it shouldn’t take you long. I mainly stayed in the tree boss area but was a little difficult early levels. If your struggling to feed off trees then stay near gnolls which are located right near furbold boss. If you manage to kill Tree Boss some upgraded armor drops already so keep that in mind.

LOL COMBO DIED.. mmk well for those who don’t know this is where you get your Slayer gear. Slayer gear is really good for Strength Heroes like Leto since the lifesteal and the Strength from the gear it gives. ( I think +90 each and +150 from helm) If your not a strength hero then I wouldn’t suggest this set. Agility I recommend the helm since the lifesteal can be helpful. Intel I suggest you stick with Beast tamer Set till your lvl 40.
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