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 Rainbow ORPG items List

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PostSubject: Rainbow ORPG items List   Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:41 pm

Okay so here are all the current (armour pieces) items in the game.

Here are the non upgraded armour pieces::
Berserker Hood
Crown of Thorns
Dragoon Helmet
Firestorm Hood
Helm of Solitude
Helm of Travels
Helmet of Abyss
Hood of Absolution
Kerma's Mask
Lightbringer Crown
Nightmare Dream
Skyshatter Headguard
Slayer's Helm
Stealth Hood
Steel Resolved Helm
Torrasque Headgear
Twin-Horned Helmet
Xylion's Helmet

Asura's Robe
Crossbone Mail
Eye of the Hurricane
Hellfire Caparace
Illusion Chainmail
Kerma's Bodyplate
Kodo Beast Chestplate
Lightbringer Chestguard
Nightmare Robe
Obsidian Caparace
Ragnarok Plate
Robe of Death
Savage Chestplate
Shroud of Absolution
Skyshatter Breastplate
Slayer's Chestguard
Steel Resolved Claymore plate
Xylion's Furchest

Abyssal Plateshield
Berserk Shoulders
Brionac Barrier
Geode Plateshield
Kerma's Armguard
Lightbringer Shoulderpads
Minotaur Shield
Nightmarish Shoulders
Refreshers Plate
Serpent Shoulders
Shadow Plate
Shoulderpads of Absolution
Shoulders of Lava
Skyshatter Mantle
Slayer's Shoulderpads
Steel Resolved Shoulders
Summoning Plate
Xylion's Shoulders

Abyss Gauntlet
Banishing Glove
Death Blow
Demon Gauntlet
Frostbite VambraceĀ 
Glove of Nightmare
Glove of the Serpent
Gloves of Insanity
Handguards of Absolution
Hands of Nature
Kerma's Glove
Lightbringer Gloves
Magma Vambrace
Skyshatter Gauntlets
Slayer's Handguard
Steel Resolved Bracer
Stone BracerĀ 
Zodiac Bracer

Here are the Upgraded armour pieces:



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Rainbow ORPG items List
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