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 How to Save without Problems (Must read)

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PostSubject: How to Save without Problems (Must read)   Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:08 pm

How to Save without Problems (Must read)
If you want to save your hero you must first read what im about to explain so you get an idea of how saving works. First of all when you first pick a hero your hero is given a code there must be always one unit on the map at all times when you type -save and that unit must be your hero and only your hero. If you were to cast a spell and then save it would most likely give you a wrong code because by using custom spells on my map some spells create a second unit while using the spells. Secondly you must have only have armor in your inventory any other items will not save and your armor must be in your first four slots. When your first 2nd 3rd or 4th slot is filled with armor your code will then increase in length this is okay means that code will work fine thats if you copy correctly. If you have armor in your inventory and you get a code with 3-4 dashes that would probably mean your code is definitely incorrect and you must respawn and save to get a new code. Note: Typing -save numerous times will not change your code until you die or change armor. Do Not Save while your hero is respawning make sure its on the map before you save if you save whilst your hero is not on the map you will get a no unit code which is 3-4 dashes. Longer codes will certainly ensure that you have saved correctly but it is a  hassle to copy, i recommend using printscreen and pasting it in paint then copy it to m word so you have numerous chances to get it correctly.
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How to Save without Problems (Must read)
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