The warcraft III castle defense map and RPG map
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 the map

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PostSubject: the map   Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:08 am

well i just found this map on epic war, and me and my 2 friends decided to give it a go. we unfortunately were fairly confused as where to start, but we are gunna give it a second shot. anywho, i think its pretty sad that your going to give up your project because of retarded hacker people. (btw if you end up seein my name on one of those sites its because i wanted to check what they did to my map when they hacked it.) anywho im just babbling now since its like 4am.

i also wanted to suggest you add some sorta camera controls and quests to tell you about your commands.

moar edits: so are you using gui jass or vjass for this map? i noticed some memory leaks occurring.
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the map
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