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 Ending Rainbow Rpg

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PostSubject: Ending Rainbow Rpg   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:33 pm

This is my final message to everyone, the site that had numerous requests for my map to be hacked began at v2.4. I was well aware of this but i continued my work to v4.2. In the next version i decided to code wipe after seeing more requests and see if they still persist. After a few days there are more requests of versions 4.5 and now 4.7 (its not difficult to google and search up on where my map was hacked). I was also aware there were hackers playing in my games when people asks " How did you obtain level 90 so quickly" they pinged at bosses on the map and said " there" which was absurd because they take 100 times longer to kill and give almost the same experience. Some had also requested true forms after they said " No one ever hosts your map on bnet please make it single player" i replied with " sorry you'll have to reach 90 " few hours later they had obtained a level 90 code and messaged me for true form. Then i found the same username on the hacker site and the same version so i denied his request for true form.To be completely honest there is absolutely nothing i can do to stop these hackers, no warcraft map has perfected protection. I cannot be a hero and say "oh i can add a virus or a password into my map and when they do open my map up they will be denied." no its not that easy.

Rainbow Orpg began as Rainbow Arena, i initially created the map for my own enjoyment. But as things progressed people had also enjoyed the experience in my games. I contemplated that i could design one of the best rpg's that anyone has every played, so i eventually made Rainbow Arena into an role playing game. My map isnt the best rpg in my opinon there are numerous things ive still havent added such as loot system and quest systems, but most of the aspects in Rpg gameplay are there. Ive also had experiences with other rpgs ie. The black road and defiance which gave me a good head start of what i wanted to achieve. Spent roughly 2 years on the map it evidently became Rainbow Orpg 4.7, sacrificing my own social time to please people i havent even met before.

Bored Aussies is the server i play on, if people on our server had been hacking they would be banned almost instantly. Unfortunately i have no authority to ban people from my map, but like bored aussies if hackers continue to add cheat packs into my map there will be consequences. Consequences which i have already put into action, i have stopped at version 4.7 for a reason. But let me first ask to all the players that have generated items, obtain any value in attributes and set their level to 90 in those cheated maps, sure you can test out things that you havent discovered and get items you never used before, but as soon as you load that hero online do you still find the map enjoyable? your missing out on the experience itself. The people that requested my map to be cheated are only cheating themselves for abit of glory, to show off among others inferior to them, But in reality you only assisted others to cheat. How do you know others are cheating? look at the download count of the cheated map, your the ones that created the opportunity for them to cheat.

For those who have played the map legitimately, i thank each of you for playing. But for now i must stop this project and just maybe i might return if i see that 4.7 still hasnt been cheated, there are still things that i havent completed for instance the new heroes, more items, quest system and much more. I am not issuing this map to anyone to continue on with the map, it will remain as a solo project so do not request it. I hope everyone that reads this respects my decisions.

My map is on Rainbow Orpg 4.7 which maybe my last map, thanks to all that have read this. Needed to post this for specific reasons after receiving numerous private messages regarding these issues. 
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Ending Rainbow Rpg
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