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 Rainbow RPG information

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PostSubject: Rainbow RPG information   Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:36 pm

Map Information
Hey everyone this is my new map, Rainbow RPG where you level up to a max level of 90 by defeating mobs and dungeon bosses. You can also do side quests and try obtain item drops from those bosses i mentioned previously. In this map you level up and clear the creeps on the map and try get as high a level as possible before remaking. Obtain drops from bosses and strong gear to show off to other players.

Somethings you need to know:
Movement Speed Command: -ms
Destroy item slot Command: -d1,-d2,-d3,-d4,d5 and -d6 (depending on the slot)
Save Command: -save
Load Command: -load
Repick Command -repick

Items do not drop and only the first four slots can be saved.
Sets are divided into four categories which can be knowned by the collumn you purchase it in

If the item is in 1st collumn of the shop its a: Helm/Hood/Crown
If the item is in 2nd collumn of the shop its a: Chest/Mail/Chain/Caparace/Cloak/Robe/Plate
If the item is in 3rd collumn of the shop its a: Shield/Shoulders/Plate Shoulders
If the item is in 4th collumn of the shop its a: Glove/Bracer/Vambrace/Gauntlet/Band

You can wear any item even from different sets but you cannot wear two of items in the same collumn
Upgraded items are items which have Gold Font in their names which gives enormous amount of stats and enchanced abilities.
For Example:

Hood of Absolution
Mage Gear
[Armor 40]
[Intelligence 70]
[Agility 30]
[Mp 2500]
[Mana Bubble +]
Description:Hood of the arcane worn by a powerful wizard, upon activation the unit will block damage per point of mana.

When Upgraded:

Hood of Sacred Wisdom
Mage Gear
[Armor 40]
[Intelligence 510]
[Agility 240]
[Mp 5000]
[Mana Bubble +]
Description:Hood of the arcane worn by a powerful wizard, upon activation the unit will block damage per point of mana.

All armor can be upgraded by Sacred Tablets, upgraded items will have gold font.
These Tablets can only be bought for 5 lumber and will only unlock after one hour of gameplay

All your gold, your heroes level and four items in your first four slots can be saved.
Make your hero is on the map whilst you save and take print screens of your code in order for it to be successfully loaded (paste in paint to reveal).
Also charged items ie. potions, scrolls and others (non-armor) should not be in your inventory while saving.
Make sure your Hero is alive on the map while saving otherwise Codegen will save nothing and will give you no Hero.

When you load your Hero chooser and all other units will be removed from the map.
If your code was invalid while loading make sure you have a back up code that actually works to prevent constant remakes.
When you save your Hero in a previous game and your ready to remake, try testing that your code works by loading in that game before you remake.

Rainbow RPG has monsters which drop items according to a percentage chance.
These items can only be obtained through drops from these monsters:
Not yet updated.

There are many other drops but these are the items that aren't availiable in the shops.

Currently working on them


There are 7 original rainbow Heroes and 7 Evil rainboe Heroes each with 5 unique abilities gained at different levels.
Each ability can be leveled up to 5 and display how they are used in the tool tips.
When a hero reaches a certain level he/she can obtain Attributes which power up the hero and the main objective of leveling.

The Heroes:

Blood Sacrificer
Name: Leto
Main Colour: Red
Details: A good strength hero used for tanking with his great vitality, he is able to heal himself and allies. Leto was a bloodelf seeking vengence for his home when he was unexpectedly fused with the soul of Kael the blood mage.
Leto does not use any mana instead he uses his hitpoints to cast abilities and punish those who have crossed his path.. 

Hell Flecther
Name: Deadeye
Main Colour: Orange
Details: An agility hero designed to counter magic and spells. Has good range attacks and can move around the map with ease. He is a DPS hero which means he is meant to deal damage per second really fast. Deadeye is from the underworld who returns to the living world in order to find his killer Kerma a legendary archer known to never miss any arrow. Deadeye's bow is attached to his left arm and the only way he can die if he takes one powerful blow to the heart inside his rib cage.

Divine Paladin
Name: Aerias
Main Colour: Yellow
Details: Another good strength hero for tanking with huge amount of armor as well as healing and knock back abilities.
Paladin is the best support hero and its worth using. Aerias is the son of Jaina, he had searched the mountains of Northrend to find who his father was. Until he came across a sword which was impaled into the ground. The inscription on the sword read: Frostmourne. Aerias then decided to pull it out of the ground as soon as he laid hands on it he heard a voice of his father saying "Don't Make the same mistake".  

Prophecy Druid
Name: Be'al
Main Colour: Green
Details: An intelligent hero, Be'al is the ancient beast of the prophecy in elf form. He has the ability to revert back to that form but only for a short duration. He has many disabling abilities most of which are point target which provides good support for allies and the team. Many have tried hunting down the beast of the prophecy for bounty reward but those who have faced him led themselves to their own demise.

Demon of the Mist
Name: Yuiki
Main Colour: Teal
Details: An agility hero who has mastered every blade in the universe. He has some nifty disabling attacks which is somewhat useful. He is mainly DPS (damage per second) he can deal heaps of damage without getting hurt and when he does get attacked he has a chance to counter those attacks. Yuiki was the greatest blade master that has ever lived until one day he fell in a cavern and was frozen for centuries. Cairne a tauren chief discovered his body in ice and unfroze him. From being frozen so long his blade was somehow imbuned with ice giving him ice attacks.

Lightning Ghost
Name: Thunderaan
Main Colour: Blue
Details: A intellect hero, a great hero for fighting bosses with. The best disabler, has several disabling abilities although his ultimate is channeling it can deal great damage based on the intelligence of the Ghost. Thunderaan's sole purpose was to guard the temple of lightning however he was struck by a bolt whilst inside it. Thunderaan's body remains inside the temple and he now wonders the temple as a ghost still forever guarding it.

Temporal Reaver
Name: Dsparil
Main Colour: Purple
Details: A great intellect hero for dishing out heaps of damage in fights using numerous spells. One of the best nukers however his base attack is slow. Dsparil is the guardian of the timeline he travels to different parts of time to Death Touch those who have cheated fate. Dsparil was then chosen to become one of the rainbow heroes with his powerful staff which was said to be obtained from both time and space itself.

There are also 5 Evil Rainbow Heroes which are not listed above. They are also playable in game.

Latest Map Link 4.9w
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Rainbow RPG information
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